End Use Applications


Space Exploration Programs – Pioneer’s depth of involvement in space science and exploration programs is unmatched in the printed circuit industry. Our contributions to NASA/JPL’s Mars exploration programs including the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) and Pathfinder/Sojourner missions were particularly significant. Pioneer is also a major supplier to the International Space Station, Cassini, James Webb Space Telescope and many other NASA programs.



Satellite programs – both military and commercial communications satellites are major markets for Pioneer’s products. Specific programs include Advanced EHF , NPOESS/VIIRS , Spaceway and many others.






Aerospace programs – Pioneer hardware is used extensively in 777 , F-22 , F-18 , F-16 and F-15 airplanes and we continue our leadership in military and civil avionics as a major supplier to the latest avionics platforms including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) and Boeing 7E7.






Weapons Systems – the U.S. armed forces protect the land, sea and air with the most technologically advanced weapons systems on the planet. Pioneer is a major supplier to programs such as PAC-3 , THAAD , Javelin , M-1 tank and the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.