History of Innovation / Philosophy and Values

At Pioneer Circuits, we do not view the future with uncertainty, but as an era of unique and unprecedented opportunity. We strive to provide the most innovative products and services to our customers that will help them to succeed in their projects and programs. Our vision is to understand the changes that are shaping our future in order to provide innovative solutions that will give inventive minds the ability to create the next generation of high technology applications.

Our values include reliability, flexibility and creativity. We are focused on delivering highly reliable printed wiring boards, and have decades of experience behind our products and services. We seek the most innovative approaches to solving our customers’ problems, mirroring the flexibility of our printed circuits in our comprehensive services. The world is constantly changing, and Pioneer Circuits aims to understand the nature of these changes in order to provide the creative solutions for the technology of the future. We encourage technological innovations and want to help open the door to endless inventive opportunities.
At Pioneer Circuits we understand that one of the fundamental keys to future growth and continued prosperity lies within eliminating waste from every aspect of our value stream. Since 2002, our practice of LEAN has helped to reduce costs, improve lead time and improve quality. We have partnered with several of our customers to further develop our growth in LEAN, and our team idea contest program has been a major contributor in developing ideas and participation from all associates of the company.

Giving back to the community is very important to us here at Pioneer Circuits, and we have launched several programs and foundations that inspire and help the people of our community to reach the peak of their potential.

Pioneer Circuits has made Youth Leadership and Development an integral part of our mission. Believing that an individual who finds their true purpose in life can attain the passion to become the best that they can be, Pioneer developed the CIMAS Foundation to help and support people in reaching their highest potential. Each year, Pioneer Circuits rewards the students of our associates with scholarships to help them with school fees. To date, Pioneer Circuits has awarded 255 scholarships over a period of 13 years.


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