Pioneer Circuits has decades of experience in the printed circuit industry and have perfected our craft to become the worldwide leader in flex and rigid flex pcb fabrication, circuit board manufacturing, pcb prototype, and flex assembly to offer a truly turnkey set of pcb solutions.

Pioneer Circuit’s Concurrent Engineering is a design service in which our team of experienced technicians collaborates with our customer’s engineers to achieve successful pcb solutions with product reliability, guaranteed producibility, and reduced cycle time. Because we have experience in all aspects of the printed circuit design to assembly process including pcb fabrication, circuit board manufacturing, pcb prototype, and flex assembly, using our concurrent engineering service allows you to have expert advice early on about the best practices for a solid foundation for the rest of your project.


Through our material specifications service, Pioneer Circuits helps our customer to select the best raw materials for the purpose of their project. Our decades of experience have given us insight on the highest quality materials, and we continually use what has been successfully tested for long term reliability. In fact, we are the 4th largest consumer of Dupont Materials in the U.S. for military and aerospace applications. We offer material stack ups and help our customers understand which materials to use and how they will impact pcb fabrication and circuit board manufacturing. Our pcb prototype service utilizes our material specifications and gives you a real mechanical example of exactly how your final part will look.


Pioneer Circuits provides complete documentation, including PCB fabrication drawings. Our team has decades of experience in generating PCB design solutions from customer schematics and mechanicals, and advanced tools such as Mentor Graphics Boardstation® are employed to complete the documentation. Because we understand the circuit board manufacturing process all the way until final assembly, including flex assembly, our fabrication drawings and design advice remains relevant all the way until the final stages of our turnkey pcb solutions.


Pioneer Circuit’s free mechanical mock up services allow you to optimize your design without incurring the costs and time of an actual build. Finished mock ups verify the fit and feel of Pioneer Circuit’s flex and rigid flex circuitry within your finished application and provide a high fidelity method of evaluating your project’s mechanical characteristics. Our mock ups are a pcb prototype that allows you to test the fit and feel of the final outcome of the pcb design, circuit board manufacturing, and final assembly. Because we are your one-stop shop for all pcb solutions, the pcb fabrication of our mock ups are truly useful to understanding how the part will fit into your project.


Prior to finalizing design documentations, Pioneer Circuits will conduct a CMRR for your project to avoid unnecessary, costly and time consuming revisions. Inconsistencies or issues within your data package may cause future delays or reduced yields in fabrication. To combat this, be sure to request a CMRR from one of our experienced technicians before releasing your design documentation. Once again, our comprehensive experience means that our CMRR’s involve all aspects of the pcb fabrication process. This means that we can review your design with knowledge of what it will have to go through during circuit board manufacturing all the way until final assembly.


Pioneer Circuits is dedicated to ensuring optimum process flow to keep even our most difficult jobs moving rapidly. All of our products are electrically tested, and we are constantly looking to improve the quality of our systems to ensure your part can be manufactured in volume and without any issues. Unlike another company who may just specialize in circuit board manufacturing, we can offer the design services as well as flex assembly that completes the entire pcb manufacturing process, allowing you to finish everything in just one place. Furthermore, we can advise before manufacturing on the best ways to cut time and costs, and make sure that everything is ready for final assembly.


Pioneer Circuit’s assembly team consists of certified assembly personal who are well-versed in the art flex and rigid-flex assembly. What is accomplished by our assembly team is not standard and takes experienced and talented group of people. You can entrust Pioneer Circuits to always deliver high-quality turnkey products for your project. This is the final step before shipping our parts to our customers. At the assembly step, Pioneer Circuit will have played a part in the entire pcb fabrication process ensuring that even the most complex flex assemblies will be possible.


Pioneer Circuits products are built with the strength, reliability, and performance to ensure the success of your project. We fabricate our boards to meet and/or exceed your reliability standards. To ensure that our pcb fabrication, circuit board manufacturing, and assembly processes created a truly reliable part, we are open to reliability testing to make sure that we have designed, created and built a final product that not only functions, but can withstand the environments that are necessary for your end use application.


We offer complete pcb solutions from concept of design to final assembly - let us cater to your specific needs.