Our Craft / Assembly


Our rigid, rigid-flex, and flex assembly service typically involves the installation of connectors and other passive components onto our flex and rigid-flex parts to produce a turnkey final product. Pioneer Circuits specializes in the hand soldering of these components to meet the requirements of ANSI-J-STD-001 and previous specification Mil-STD-2000. Our assembly process also includes encapsulation, conformal coating, stiffener installation, potting of connectors, assembly forming, heat sink bonding and electrical testing.

Our assembly team consists of very experienced technicians. Even the potting and molding done at Pioneer Circuits takes a special group of people, and our on-site training continues to help our associates to deliver the best final products. We are able to do even the most advanced flex assemblies, using or expertise to make sure they are done to your project’s standards.

Before the actual assembly takes place, our pre-assembly process is completed to ensure that all the necessary hardware is purchased or received from the customer. A traveler is also created to optimize assembly work flow. Flex assembly is more complicated than typical rigid board assembly, and we have perfected our craft to be able to handle this.

Pioneer Circuits does our own final inspection of our parts to make sure they are of top quality. We also offer source inspection in which our customers can come in and check the part to make sure it is up to their own standards as well.


The YF-22 is a fighter aircraft technology designed for use in the United States Air Force. Pioneer Circuits provided the assembly of many rigid and rigid flex parts for the displays, CNI, and Power Supplies of the fighter.

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