Tech Domain

The Technology Domain has been established to open the door of communications between Pioneer’s Technical resources and our Customer’s needs. Providing  information on technical capabilities, test data, new product development and current, high visibility projects that may parallel your own requirements.


    • General


        • Technology Roadmap– a high level summary of Pioneer’s current and future PWB manufacturing capabilities.  Available upon request.



        • The Flex Advantage is a summary compiled by Pioneer of the cost, performance and reliability benefits of flex/rigid-flex technology


      • IPC 1710 – Pioneer’s completed industry standard survey of company capabilities, equipment, officers, quality systems, etc. Contact us for your copy.


    • Product Info
        • Adhesiveless constructions are strongly recommended for all rigid-flex design


        • Thin core constructions Z-axis thickness of rigid or flex/rigid-flex PWB’s can be minimized using 1 and 2 mil core laminates


        • Flexible Silver Ink is an alternate material to achieve EMI/RFI shielding on flex circuits while maintaining high flexibility



        • Constantan is a nickel-copper alloy with properties that make it useful as a replacement for copper when heat load or thermal management are major concerns


    • Materials Data
        • Code Generators (link to code generator from tech seminar) are a unique set of tools developed by Pioneer to assist design engineers in generating exact material specifications. Also useful for deciphering or ‘reverse engineering’ Available for flexible laminates, coversheets/bond films and rigid laminates





      • NASA outgassing test data for various materials


  • Test Data
      • Flexibility Endurance Test – University of Arkansas test report for NASA/JPL on flexural endurance in a simulated Mars environment


      • IPC PCQR 2 – Pioneer Circuits is a participant in the IPC’s quantitative database of process capability & quality. Please contact us for our facility code.


    • XXX Testing – reliability testing performed by Northrop Grumman on several Pioneer built samples using a proprietary accelerated thermal cycling test method