Technical Training

Seminar Scope


This presentation provides in-depth technical coverage of a wide range of topics related to the design and manufacture of flexible PWB’s for use in high reliability applications. It is intended to supplement existing industry and military specifications and associated documentation, such as IPC-2223, IPC-6013 & Mil-P-50884. Knowledge of basic (rigid) PWB technology & terminology is assumed.


The accompanying CD contains valuable reference material including all of the presentation slides, design guidelines, technical datasheets, glossary, web links and other unique tools developed by Pioneer to assist in the flex design process.


Specific Topics


The Advantages of Flexible PWB Technology – in addition to some of the more obvious mechanical advantages, flexible PWB’s offer many other benefits in areas such as cost, reliability & cycle time.
Flexible PWB Specifications – a discussion of the major industry (ANSI/IPC) & military (Mil-Spec) specifications applicable to the design and manufacture of flexible PWB’s.


Design Considerations – important guidelines for successful projects:


  • Understanding flex materials and constructions
  • Design “do’s and don’ts”
  • Electrical considerations – controlled impedance on flex and shielding options
  • What features/factors drive producibility, including specific Producibility Parameters and Cost vs. Complexity trade offs.
  • What factors affect Flexibility and how to calculate minimum bend radii
  • Artwork layout guidelines
  • ‘Bulletproofing’ – things to do to enhance/maximize reliability
  • Using mechanical mock-ups
  • The fabrication drawing – Suggested Notes; dimensioning & tolerancing guidelines
  • Next assembly considerations


The Fabrication Process – an overview of flexible PWB manufacturing including process flows, and cost & cycle time considerations.


New Technologies – discussion of advanced flexible PWB technologies such as thermal management, microvias, & embedded passive components.


Tools & Resources – useful tools, links and data gathered into one place, including specifications, technical data sheets & web links.



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