Pioneer Circuits was founded in 1981 with a mission to create a world-class business enterprise that excels in satisfying customer needs and expectations. We are focused on providing dynamic technology solutions to our customers to help them succeed in their projects and programs. The pursuit of greatness has always been our vision, and we are now at the forefront of the pcb supplier industry as the worldwide leader in flex and rigid flex pcb manufacturing.

Pioneer Circuits began as a small, family-owned circuit board manufacturing company with big dreams of becoming a large, successful enterprise whose mission is to provide to the technology of the future. Today, we have grown into a team of 230 associates, working together in a 50,000 square foot facility. Our success could not have been possible without our amazing team and our innovative customers, constantly challenging us to create new and more advanced parts.
Pioneer Circuits specializes in flex and rigid flex pwbs. We provide complete services from concept of design to assembly, and are able to produce extremely complex parts with our unique tooling system. We work to not only deliver the most superior products, but to provide our customers with the comprehensive services that will ensure optimal results as well.

The most successful projects have Pioneer Circuits' invovlement early on in the design process. We then provide additional value with our assembly services to provide a truly turnkey solution.

Pioneer Circuits has always considered our associates to be our most valuable asset, and we are proud to have a team of experienced staff and industry leaders with the knowledge and experience to serve our customers well. Many of our associates are experts of our industry and have been with our company for decades. Their expertise and valuable experience is utilized to help make you more successful.


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